Almost Heaven Saunas Which Ones Are Best

Almost Heaven Saunas, Which Ones Are Best?

​The Almost Heaven saunas I looked at were absolutely beautiful! They are a higher quality product, when compared to some of the other sauna manufacturers I looked at and finding some of the top models was a challenge. Almost Heaven saunas offer indoor and outdoor saunas but all are built the same way, using some of the highest quality materials and methods I have seen.

​Below is my short list of some of the top Almost Heaven saunas out there. I took into consideration a few different things including: customer feedback, whether it was an indoor or outdoor model, price and a couple of other things in order to really narrow it down to the best of the best. I hope you like your post and as always please leave me your feedback below in the comments section because I am always looking for input to make the article that much better. Thanks!

​The Almost Heaven Bluestone Sauna Is First:

The Bluestone Indoor Sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas is the answer for any of you who are looking to fit a sauna in a small corner of your home.

This nook sauna is designed with space efficiency in mind, while still able to accommodate two to three persons in comfort and style thanks to its multi-level seating design, which adds to it and gives the feel of a commercial sauna.

Bluestone Indoor Sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas

This U.S.-made sauna gives attention to every detail, from the selection of the choicest hemlock and fir, which are then put together with tongue-and-groove joinery for durability that lasts for years. High-grade stainless steel and thick tempered glass are used for the doors and windows of this premium corner sauna to ensure years of corrosion-free enjoyment for you.

Steam and heat comes with a 4.5kw stainless steel heater with a stone rack, perfect for pouring on water from a bucket and ladle provided with the kit. This sauna nook sits on an existing floor, for which the maker recommends concrete, ceramic, tile or laminate to be the flooring of your choice; carpets and natural surfaces are not recommended.

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​The Almost Heaven ​Grayson Sauna Is ​Next:

The Grayson Indoor Sauna from Almost Heaven Sauna is an attractive corner space sauna, thanks to the use of tongue-and-groove joinery for the select hemlock lumber used in its construction.

The interior is compact yet airy thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors made of tempered glass. Putting this corner sauna is quick and easy too - just arrange the factory pre-assembled panels, roof section and benches as prescribed, and your indoor sauna is ready to plug in.

The Almost Heaven ​Grayson Sauna

The Grayson comes with an electric heater that brings up the temperature inside to a nice and hot 190 degrees Fahrenheit for that authentic sauna feel. You can take the ladle and bucket, thoughtfully provided with the kit, and scoop some water on the sauna rocks for added steam as an interior LED light bathes the interior in a soothing glow.

The Grayson is a free-standing indoor sauna - meaning that it uses the existing floor as the bottom surface of the unit. As you might expect, carpet floors will not do - put this corner sauna on something solid, like concrete or tiles. This sauna also comes with a thermometer, a hygrometer for humidity measurement,and an 8-hour delay timer.

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​Now The Almost Heaven ​Huntington Sauna​:

The Huntington Outdoor Steam Sauna from Almost Heaven is made of Rustic Western Cedar Construction which is naturally resistant to elements and insects.

It is partially pre-assembled so setting up will not start from scratch and would be relatively easy. The door, which comes with a self-closing hinge, is made of tempered glass so you can bask in the outdoor view.

The Almost Heaven ​Huntington Sauna

The sauna is powered by 8kw Stainless Steel Heater that requires 220V and 40Amp wired by a licensed electrician. Included in the package are sauna stones and bucket with a ladle that you can use to fetch water, pour some on the stones, and relish the steam as the heat detoxifies your body.

Its interior LED light provides a warm, dim light for that calming and invigorating mood comparable to a spa. Its curved backrest also earned positive reviews for its comfort especially when you choose to lie down while enjoying your sauna time. This 6-person steam sauna is airy thanks to its built-in ventilation. You can be assured of the sauna's quality and durability because it is built and manufactured by experienced craftsmen in the United States.

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​The Almost Heaven ​Madison Sauna:

The Madison Indoor Sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas is a space-efficient sauna ideal for those who prefer traditional sauna bathing, which provides benefits in well-being and health.

It is elegantly constructed with tongue-and-groove hemlock and fir with a finished thickness of 1-3/8. Like the other Madison models that are made in the West Virginia factory, this sauna boasts of the finest material --  premium stainless steel fasteners and hardware, thick and sturdy tempered glass for the door, and beautiful solid sections of lumber.

The Almost Heaven ​Madison Sauna

This 2-3-person sauna is high performing with its stainless 4.5kw heater that will reach 150F in about 30 minutes. In less than an hour, it tops out at a temperature exceeding 185F to deliver an intense sweat action that will eliminate toxins in your body. The heater is made by the world-renowned leader in sauna heater technology, Harvia in Finland. It comes with sauna stones, bucket, ladle, and thermometer.

Assembling this sauna is easier and quicker compared with other saunas so you can save on expert assembly service. Thanks to its pre-assembled wall and roof sections. You have the option to stretch and lie down using its long upper bench with a footrest provision for added comfort. It also has short lower bench ideal for nice conversation during sauna time.

This sauna is designed to be free-standing and will use your existing floor -- preferably concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, tile and other solid floors -- as its interior flooring.  It's not recommended to put it on a carpeted surface. 

​And Finally, The Almost Heaven ​Weston Sauna​:

The Westen Canopy Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven is exceptionally designed with a barrel shape and supported in place by a durable stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners.  

According to the manufacturer, this serves to allow the lumber staves to expand and contract to form a tight seal.  The design is not only visually appealing but it is also efficient and functional for it ensures even heat distribution.

The Almost Heaven ​Weston Sauna

The sauna's undercarriage is lifted from the ground by a polymer support cradle that creates a moisture barrier between the lumber and ground. The manufacturer also created a functional sitting area outside the unit where you can cool off between sauna rounds and can serve as a convenient place to hold drinks, towels, and other items.

The 6-person Canopy Sauna is made of fine quality materials that are assembled by experienced US craftsmen. The manufacturer used thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware to anchor the durability and integrity of the entire unit. The unit's 8kw stainless steel heater is made from Harvia in Finland, a world leader in heating technology.

The unit provides 190-195F heat in less than an hour for maximum sauna action in no time. It comes with additional sauna kit -- sauna stones, bucket, ladle, and combination thermometer-hygrometer -- to complete your authentic sauna experience. This Canopy Barrel Sauna made sure that you experience all the genuine relaxation and benefits of traditional sauna bathing by providing soft interior LED lighting, opposite facing benches to encourage good conversation and bonding, and a durable heater fence made from aromatic Western red cedar.

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