Finlandia Sauna Heaters, Some Of The Top Rated Models

Finlandia Sauna Heaters, Some Of The Top Rated Models

​Finlandia sauna heaters are some of the best heaters on the market and they have different models to meet most people's needs. They have different features like digital controls, manual (dial) knob controls and come in different sizes that can accomodate areas as small as 100 cubic feet, all the way up to 1,000 cubic feet and more.

​I compiled a list of some of the most popular models, in no particular order to help make it easier on those individuals out there who are looking for a Finlandia Sauna heater. Hope you find the info useful!

​The Finlandia FLB 60 Sauna Heater Is Up First:

The Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater comes in several options, but for rooms between 150 and 300 cubic feet, the 6kw model is more than up to the task.

Bring the traditional Finnish steamy sauna experience to your sauna with the Vulcanite rocks included with every purchase.

Go ahead and ladle water on the heater rocks - the FLB-60 is UL approved for both wet and dry use, with its 10 gauge wiring designed for 25 Amps of indoor heating power. 

Finlandia FLB 60 Sauna Heater

Unlike most sauna heaters on Amazon which are only CE certified, this range of heaters from Finlandia is ETL certified for your peace of mind.

Mechanical controls are conveniently placed at the bottom, away from the blast of heat and steam of the stainless vents at the top. These sturdy switches provide control for scheduling your spa sessions up to eight hours in advance, while another dial controls the heat with its easy-to-grip oversized knobs.

The Finlandia ​FIN-30-S Sauna Heater Is Up Next:

This Finlandia FIN-30-S Sauna Heater from Harvia Manufacturing comes with Xenio digital controls, giving a refined touch panel interface to your home sauna experience.

The digital readout of the wall-mounted control panel is instantly readable in dim light, while the sensibly arrayed menus give easy access to the rate that the 3 kw heater steams up the space.

Finlandia FIN-30-S

With a 3kw heater rated at 12.5 Amps, this model is more than adequate for steaming up 130 cubic feet of indoor space. Like other Finlandia sauna heaters, the FIN-30-S comes with its own supply of sauna stones to bring that authentic Finnish steam sauna experience right in your own home.

This model comes in the standard Finlandia size, which is a wall-mounted compact installation that’s just 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep and two feet high. The unit comes ETL certified for the U.S. market as well, with 12-gauge wiring used throughout its stainless steel body. 

The Finlandia FLB 45 Sauna Heater...

As the model number implies, this Finlandia FLB-45 Sauna Heater comes with a 4.5 kw heating unit more than capable of filling 210 cubic feet of indoor space with traditional Finnish steam.

Just scoop a bit of water on the sauna rocks thoughtfully included with every purchase, and you can feel your stress being swept off by the steam issuing from the stainless steel rock grill on top of this compact appliance.

The Finlandia FLB 45 Sauna Heater

Even as a compact wall-mounted sauna heater just two feet high, the FLB-45 still calls attention to its sleek brick red finish, thanks to its seamless unibody designed with a powder coated glossy enamel exterior. Compressed steel is used inside and out, giving this heater years of corrosion-free service.

Stainless steel is used inside and around the heating elements, so you can rest easy that pouring water on the Vulcanite sauna rocks will not hurt the heater in any way. 10-gauge wire rated for its 18.8 Amps of power draw ensures that the FLB-45 is ETL certified for the U.S. market, a claim that few heaters for sale on Amazon can boast of.

​Finally, The Finlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater:

This Finlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater from Harvia Manufacturing combines the rugged design of the Finlandia FIN series with the modern touch of Xenio digital controls.

You can now enjoy the reliability of Finlandia with the convenience of wall-mounted touch controls, all in one solid package.

Finlandia FIN-80

The simple black and red digital indicators on the Xenio controls are compact yet clear. As a wall-mounted control panel, you now have the choice of installing it pretty much anywhere you want - sauna room, bathroom, dressing room, living room, inside or outside the room where the FIN-80 unit is installed. Elegant readouts tell you when the sauna is at its best temperature, as the 8kw heater easily heats up 425 cubic feet of indoor space.

After the right temperature is reached, have no worries ladling a bit of water on the Vulcanite sauna rocks included for that authentic Finnish steam sauna feel. A stainless steel build for both exterior and interior elements, along with stainless steel heating elements, ensures that a bit of water is no issue for this compact heater.

Few heaters sold in Amazon have the ETL certification that the Finlandia FIN-80 has, and it’s all thanks to its 8-gauge wiring rated for 33.3 Amps used throughout the heater. This heater mounts vertically up a wall, measuring 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 24 inches high when set up.

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