The Best 2 Person Saunas Out There Today

The Best 2 Person Saunas Out There Today?

​A sauna that is built for twopeople is a smaller, more personal experience as opposed to a larger one that will hold multiple people. There are a few choices out there nowadays and finding the best 2 person sauna that fits your needs and budget is a challenging task.

​I looked at all of the models on the market and came up with a list of the five best ones out there based on several factors like: user rating, price, features and functionality. I boiled them down to these five:

​The Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna:

The JNH Far Infrared sauna is made out of quality Canadian hemlock wood, and is delivered in panels that can be assembled without tools by simply buckling the panels together. This is a patented design which also makes it easy to disassemble and transport to another location. 

The superior dual wall construction ensures heat insulation and makes it possible to place the sauna anywhere in your home without worrying about heat expansion and insulation.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

​The safety glass used for the door is heat proof and provides visibility. This Lifestyle sauna is fitted with 7 ETL approved Carbon Fiber Far Infrared heaters, all strategically placed within the sauna, to provide ultimate heat distribution. The interior which seats 2 adults has a sound system with 3 speakers which works with most any audio devices and LED lights which are economical and long lasting.

For full control the JNH sauna has a digital control which allows you to set the temperature and the time you desire for each session. The Far Infrared sauna comes with a 5 year warranty on all parts which also includes the audio system and speakers. To fire up the sauna you do not need more than the standard household electrical output, as the requirements are 110V – 120V with 15 Amps.

​The Best 2 Person ​Home Sauna:

The Canadian hemlock solid timber used to manufacture the JNH Lifestyle Collection sauna, provides superior construction with no plywood or MDF used.

The unique buckle design and tongue and groove assembly makes this sauna easy to put together, with no tools needed. The double wall insulation allows the sauna to be placed in close proximity to walls without worrying about insulation and expansion.

JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 Sauna

The 7 heaters that are placed around the interior of the sauna are all zero EMF heaters that have been certified by Intertek. The carbon fiber infrared heaters are commercial grade and they provide a steady and evenly distributed heat source with low consumption. The door is built with safety glass which can withstand high heat and provide visibility. The interior of the sauna has a built in sound system with 2 speakers and LED lighting.

This JNH Lifestyle sauna also comes with a digital control which lets you set the time and temperature in accordance with your preferences. Electrical requirements for this unit is 1540W, 110V and 15 amps all of which are in accordance with normal household output. The JNH sauna comes with instructions for assembly and also provides a lifetime of technical support from the manufacturers and a lifetime warranty on the parts.

​A Dynamic Two Person Sauna Is Up Next...

The 2 person Infrared Sauna from Dynamic, model Venice, is constructed out of reforested Canadian hemlock, with a double paneled construction that insulates and keeps the heat in, and warms up quickly which also makes it economical to use.

The Dynamic low EMF sauna has 6 infrared FAR carbon heating panels that are energy efficient, distributed strategically, to maximize the heat distribution inside the sauna. 

Dynamic Saunas AMZ-DYN-6210-01 Venice

Dynamic saunas operate at a lower and safer 130F in comparison to other saunas, which allows you to stay longer and reap all the benefits a sauna offers.

The Dynamic sauna can be assembled in less than an hour and comes with full instructions. This unit has an internal and external digital control panel with LED display which allows you to preset the temperature and time according to your preferences. An MP3 auxiliary connection with speakers inside the sauna lets you set the mood with your favorite music. The door and side wall openings are made out of tempered bronze glass which offers complete privacy.

No special connections or installation preparation is required for the Dynamic sauna. It can be assembled on a carpet or any flooring in any location in the home. This energy saving sauna can be plugged into a 15amp, 110V outlet which is standard issue in any home. All you need is a dedicated electrical socket and you are ready to enjoy your superior quality sauna.

​The Maxxus Sauna Makes The List:

The Maxxus Sauna from Dynamic is built for 3 people and is made with natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood. Built with modern technology, the Maxxus provides 7 FAR infrared Carbon Heating Panels, including a foot heater, that are very low in EMF.

This cost effective technology offers healing FAR infrared waves that ease aches and pains and remove toxins from the body. The walls are made with double panels which insulates the heat more efficiently.

Maxxus Marseille

Internally the Maxxus sauna has a soft touch LED display control that allows you to set the time and temperature for your sauna sessions. The door and side walls are made out of bronze tempered glass which provide privacy. For your listening pleasure there is a built in radio and sound system with speakers which comes with a CD and MP3 auxiliary connection.

The Dynamic Maxxus sauna comes with a clamp assembly which takes about 45 minutes to put together. The sauna can be placed on a carpet or in any location inside your home. Plug the sauna into a dedicated 20 amp, 120V outlet and you are ready to go. The overall dimensions of this sauna are 64”x44” and it is for indoor use only.

​A 2 Person Radiant Sauna Finishes Up...

The Radiant Infrared Sauna comes backed by internationally recognized seals of approval for manufacture, quality and safety.

Built for 2 adults, this sauna is made with solid Hemlock wood and is easy to assemble with wood and buckle connections. The Radiant sauna is compact enough to be used in any room of your home and comes with a comfortable deep bench. Assembled dimensions are 47.25”x 39.25” and it is backed by a 7 year warranty.

2-Person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna

Internally there are 6 Carbon heaters that can reach up to 141F and it is powered by 1725W, on 120V and 15 amps. A surround sound system with built in speakers and a radio are installed for your listening pleasure. The Radiant sauna comes with a 7mm tempered tinted glass door for privacy, 7 color therapy light and an oxygen ionizer.

.With a dual touch EZ interior and exterior LED control panel you can set the duration and intensity of the heat for the ultimate sauna session with all its benefits. This unit comes with a few thoughtful extras like a towel hook, backrests and a magazine rack. Enjoy years of stress relief and benefits with the Radiant sauna which comes with a 7 year limited warranty on the parts and 5 years on the heating and electronics.

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