What Are The Best Sauna Heaters?

What Are The Best Sauna Heaters?

​Whether you are in the market for replacing your current sonic heater, building a brand-new song and you need one or just want to upgrade, chances are probably looked at the various sauna heaters available and thought to yourself ​there is so many to choose from.

​I wanted to put together this post and gather some of the best sauna ​heaters out there to help make the decision a little bit easier on those of you who may be looking for one. I look at many different models and decided to break it down according to different types of heaters in order to get a more organized and solid list.

​First Up: The Best Commercial Sauna Heater...

The Ultimate Commercial Sauna Heater 15 Kw by Saunacore is built of solid stainless steel, and is a sturdy unit designed for commercial sauna facilities, especially those with large volumes of space that need to be steamed up.

It comes with mechanical controls for years of worry-free operation, a big plus in my opinion.

Saunacore Commercial Sauna Heater

The build of this unit has a fitness club or hotel in mind, and looks to be designed for round-the-clock, maintenance-free use with its triple walled steel body. It comes as a floor-mounted unit, which the makers have thoughtfully added extra venting for better airflow, getting the space around it heated up faster.

The rock tray has heat deflectors that leads the heat into the sauna, spreading it around more efficiently compared to other models that vent their heat straight up. Even at peak operation, the body construction is such that the heater can heat up a space while running tens of degrees cooler than other sauna heaters out there.

The kit comes with a few nice touches, such as a built-in safety cut-off switch, surgical stainless steel (304 grade) material, and five years of warranty; a solid package overall.

​Next, The Best ​Dry Sauna Heater

The TOULE NTSA30 3 wet and dry sauna heater is well suited for medium-sized sauna rooms. Made of solid stainless steel, this is a kit designed for reliability and safety at an affordable price.

The stainless build lends a modern, sleek look to this room heater, which is all the more emphasized by its digital controls. 


The NTS-100 digital controller built into the heater itself gives convenient access to the heater’s features, while its digital readout gives instant feedback that’s easily seen even when running the sauna heater with steam, a nice touch I must say.

Its 3 KW heater quickly heats up almost all small to medium size rooms, while remaining efficient thanks to its energy saving features. This heater is built to be splash proof as well, an important feature to consider. Safety looks to be high up TOULE’s priorities as this heater is not only protected against water, it also comes with ETL certification.

​The Best ​Electric Sauna Heater (6kw):

This Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater from Harvia Manufacturing is the 6 kw variant, and is a rugged-looking kit built inside and out with stainless steel.

At 6 kw, this variant of the Finlandia FLB-60 is recommended for rooms up to 300 cubic feet, more than plenty for medium-sized sauna rooms.

Even packing such a powerful heater, this unit is a compact installation, a pleasant surprise I found after all the bulkier sauna heaters available in the market. 

Finlandia FLB-60

Measuring 2 feet high and less than a feet deep, this kit will not take up much space at all in a typical sauna place.

It has mechanical controls for durability, and two dials can handle heating tasks including a one-hour timer and countdown features. Your peace of mind is assured with this model - not only is 10 gauge wiring used throughout the heater, this sturdy kit is ETL certified and is safety rated for sale in the U.S.

​The Best ​Infrared Sauna Heater...

The 300 Watt Infrared sauna heater from Northern Lights is a sleek, attractive way to heat a room, as its carbon fiber panels emit space-heating infrared rays better than similar products out there today.

The panels are arrayed to give a large surface area, which in some cases are 1,000 times larger than other types of infrared heaters.

300 Watt Infrared sauna heater from Northern Lights

While other heating elements heat up until they grow red hot, the panels of this heater go up to only 190 degrees while outputting the same amount of energy, safe enough that the wooden heat guards can frame the panels in style without being in any danger at all.

Installation is also a breeze with these panels - simply hang them on a wall, like a frame, and plug in. Unlike ceramic tube infrared heaters, the carbon fiber panels are extremely durable and will not burn or shatter. Northern Lights are confident enough in their panels that they are offering a Lifetime Warranty for each of them, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a heater that will last for decades.

​The Best ​Rated Sauna Heater (8kw) Is...

This Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater from Harvia Manufacturing is the 8 kw variant, and is more than plenty for spaces 425 cubic feet or smaller.

It’s the same Finlandia FLB-60, now given more juice with its 8 kw heater rated for 33.3 Amps of space-heating power.

Few know their sauna heaters like Finland-based Harvia, and it shows in the solid stainless steel build of this compact heater. 

Finlandia FLB-60

Mechanical controls, immune to splashes and steam, are mounted into the base of the heater, thoughtfully arranged away from the heat of the top vents.

An eight-hour timer can schedule spa sessions hours in advance while a simple heater dial controls the heat. On top, a stylish steel grill vents hot air from hot rocks forward and up from the wall-mounted appliance, which just measures a svelte 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep and two feet high.

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